• Autodesk

    Our technology spans architecture, engineering and construction, product design and manufacturing, and media and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small.

  • Matterport

    Take your buildings online with Matterport to design, build, promote, and manage your most valuable asset at your fingertips.

  • Dell

    Delivering technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow & thrive.

  • Epson

    From efficient Heat-Free printing, to our revolutionary PaperLab recycling system, Epson technology makes the sustainable choice a simple one.

  • Manpower

    Our company, Maximum Solutions Corporation strongly believes that manpower is equally essential to any business to grow and this is where our expertise lies — providing you with the right people fit for your organization.

  • LG Monitors

    Your work (or fun) station comes with an amazing view. LG monitors give you the space to game, code, edit, watch or create.


Motivated by its goal to provide complete service, Maximum Solutions Corporation has evolved to become a complete outsource company providing the clients with both skills and solutions appropriate to their business requirements. We stand out to become the preferred and trusted partner offering professional manpower services and advanced software solutions to our clients.

Our Services

IT Solutions

Maximum Solutions Corporation provides highest quality IT support and services. Providing value that can be measured, our unique approach creates bonds that last, so you can be confident your software and hardware needs are meet.


Maximum Solutions Corporation can help you achieve more productivity with customizable training options, consulting, implementation, and design to help you get the most from your Autodesk software solutions.


Maximum Solutions Corporation has professionally served a substantial number of client companies ranging from architecture, construction, mechanical & manufacturing business. We have partnered with various clients with highly skilled and capable employees assigned for short and long term employment.

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To our valued partners,


Please be informed that Maximm Solutions Corporation will be migrating all it’s landline numbers for Makati and Luzon branches (except Laguna) to 8 digits effective October 06, 2019. This is in compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission Memorandum Order No. 10-10-2017.

Maximum Solutions Corporation's new numbers


(+63 2) 8 403 0983 & 87

(+63 2) 8 403 0727 & 28

(+63 2) 8 552 2958

(+63 2) 8 899 8018

(+63 2) 8 899 7853

(+63 2) 8 899 7260

(+63 2) 8 899 0723

(+63 2) 8 899 5172

(+63 2) 8 751 0939 & 30

(+63 2) 8 751 2654
(+63 2) 8 750 0055 (Fax Number)