1thomas-feiner-catapult-vray-HIGHLY-OPTIMIZED CPU RENDERING

Render high-quality, high-resolution images and animations with V-Ray’s adaptive ray tracing technology.

2dabarti-countdown-vray-rtINCREDIBLY FAST GPU RENDERING

Fine tune the look of your scenes in real time with the power of GPUs. Build materials, dial in cameras, and adjust lights interactively in the viewport.



Simulate any type of natural, artificial, or image- based lighting. With area lights, sun & sky and IES lights, you can render artistically – and accurately.

4blackhaus-interior-vrayGLOBAL ILLUMINATION

Choose from several global illumination options – exact, approximate or a hybrid of both.

5tonic-camera-vrayPHOTOREAL CAMERAS

Work like a photographer. Real-world camera controls let you capture images with detailed depth of field and cinematic motion blur.

6studio-aiko-candy-bar-vray-PHYSICALLY-BASED MATERIALS

Create any type of physical material. From multilayered car paint to accurate subsurface scattering, you can make any material imaginable.

7alessandro-bandinelli-sax-manMEMORY-EFFICIENT TEXTURES

Work with production-ready, multiresolution tiled textures from your favorite applications, like MARI, Mudbox and Zbrush.

8den-brooks-forest-vrayDYNAMIC GEOMETRY

Render massive scenes with proxy objects. V-Ray proxies efficiently replace complex scene geometry and load only at render time.

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